weena&associates’ Guide to Organising a Corporate Event (Part 2)

Organising an event for your company for the first time can be pretty daunting. So here’s a simple guide to help you ensure that your first effort at organising a corporate event will be a successful one.

4. Definition of Roles

At the very start, you need to define what specific roles you and your event planner will be playing. For example, for a company launch, the client had actually everything planned and put in place. She decided only at the very end to bring a planner in to help her with the coordination and execution. So basically, all the events planner did was to tie up the loose ends with her appointed vendors, mailed the invites and managed the RSVPs, did the pre-setup and post-event cleanup and made sure that the event ran smoothly that night. Simple and clean-cut.

For another client, it was clear at the get-go that the planner’s role was to drive the fundraiser. So the planner managed it from start to end.

Definition of roles is vital so that any miscommunication can be avoided as much as possible.

5. Venue Selection

Venue selection is also an important aspect of organizing a business event. Besides considering availability, accessibility, venue facilities, size of audience, budget and so on, the type of venue selected reflects an organisation’s objective and branding. This should be uppermost in your mind if your company happens to be one of those with strict branding guidelines and restrictions.

In Singapore alone, there are basically two main types of venues – those with in-house catering and those without. For the former, these are mainly hotels that offer meeting packages that includes rental of meeting room, meals and audio-visual equipment. A word of caution here though. Certain hotels bind the rental of meeting rooms with the uptake of a specified number of rooms/ room nights. So unless you are confident of fulfilling this requirement, it’s best to look elsewhere.

The other type of meeting venue ranges from frills-free meeting rooms and auditoriums to well-furnished ones. This group typically offers only an empty room. Whether it’s worth the trouble to separately source for caterers, decorators and audio-visual providers would be something you have to decide based on your time and budget.

That’s all for this week. Watch this space for more to come!

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